December 2013
Don’t take it personally
May 2013
Importance of context – takeaway from Dustin’s post
April 2013
Embracing imperfection
February 2013
The comeback of static typing
January 2013
On being a Roman in Rome
December 2012
October 2012
A little observation on how failure shapes success
March 2012
The real problem with OO is taking it too far
When users out-think you
Git – tracking branches
February 2012
Optimizing for productivity
My JavaScript reading list
Writing applications versus frameworks
Power of the unknown
Currying in JavaScript using bind()
January 2012
Thoughts on Socket.IO
First element of an object in JavaScript
Git bisect
Where I use HTML5 the most – admin interfaces
December 2011
ECMAScript harmony features in Chrome Canary
Abusing Scala’s anonymous argument
Printing colors in the terminal
Simple design tips for non designers
November 2011
The future of education
Thoughts on Scala from a newcomer
ECMAScript 6 looks promising
Little things that we can do
It depends
In defence of Semantic Value
We read too much, but digest too little
Backticks in Scala
October 2011
Dereferencing deeply nested properties in JavaScript
The art of stepping away
A reason to write
The first timer
Using git pull –rebase
April 2011
Finding Nemo
March 2011
A look through my Delicious bookmarks
December 2010
Playing God
November 2010
Working at work
Known unknowns
June 2010
Being good at something
January 2010
Where is our wave of imagination?
October 2009
Pixza, a really realtime social game
April 2009
The chosen one
March 2009
Static footers
January 2009
Obama letterpress poster – Update
YES, WE CAN – Obama Letterpress Posters
Taking the plunge
December 2008
The minute details
Cool meal
Migrating from Textpattern to WordPress
October 2008
Ping Pong
September 2008
GCC on Ubuntu
August 2008
Tackling spam
June 2008
When there is nowhere to turn to
May 2008
Who said pop-ups were gone?
October 2007
On the roads, by the night
Hidden sign out links
September 2007
Packet of cookie
May 2007
Sometimes somethings
Two weeks from now
5 to 2
Random stuff
The Sound Of Silence
Life in reverse
April 2007
Undisputed Champions
To everything there is a season
Missing Chennai
What if?
Here’s to the crazy ones
Long names
Colors, Colors, Colors
Insanity ends today
Practically speaking
When your learning is useless
Skewed probability
March 2007
A rupee from everyone
Full stop to footboarding
A new thing everyday
Google Goggles
Little things
February 2007
An accident
November 2006
TQ Live 2006 – Eulogy
TQ Live 2006 – Day THREE
TQ Live 2006 – Day TWO
TQ Live 2006 – Day ONE
TQ Live 2006 – The flight
October 2006
Teachers should be transparent
Back to Earth
A journey of a thousand miles
A sight in the sky
The unprofessional
September 2006
Choices show what we are
It feels good to be busy
The ideal teacher
Commenting for the sake of it
Alternating punctuality
August 2006
Culture change
Pluto is out
Not being disappointed
Where is the computer?
70 KM Man
One, two, buckle my shoe
Expiry dates of popular domains
One house, two numbers
Spam proof way?
The art of a pickpocket
Bandwidth browsing
Freeing a jammed CD drive
July 2006
The call centre phenomenon
Medicine for pessimists
Stone age
That guilty feeling
June 2006
Reputation helps
And then there were none
Identity crisis
Right clicks
Cost of what?
Windows Live Messenger
Waiting kills
May 2006
The hat seller: Twisted version
Six player chess
Road science
11, 10, Go!
Rainbow sheep
As seen
Made Alexander
Bully on the road
Doppelganger wanted!
Couch potatoes
Less time is more time
A revolution
Plastic smile
April 2006
Caught in the middle
The difference
We heart Communism
Stop working
Double meaning
The optimist and the pessimist
Lost faces
ThinkQuest Live 2005
Jadoo Potter
The Prisoner’s dilemma
Handling criticism
A case of time
More coming soon
Better start running
March 2006
Down Down Down
Future me
Who is colored?
Thin, dark and what not?
I owe two drinks
February 2006
Grumpy old man
Start of the end
Singapore is part of malaya
Out to Lunch
Blame IE
January 2006
Sent to the gallows
Multitasking to the max
Remember the monkeys
Hard English
A dirty word
Brain drain
Psycho tests
New and improved
Random barrage of thoughts