I am a designer/developer hybrid, whose work has been featured on leading blogs like TechCrunch, Mashable and The Next Web. My interests vary greatly. I love reading, learning new things and then putting the little ideas I get once in a while into action. At any time I have more ideas than the time required to build them. I love designing and building user interactions, as they allow me to combine both my design and programming inclinations.

As a developer, I prefer JavaScript and Python, when it comes to choosing a dynamic language, and turn to Scala when I need some type safety. I use Node.js pretty heavily for my personal projects. I have also dabbled a fair amount with Erlang and PHP in the past. I consider myself to be pragmatic when it comes to both programming and design.

To find out what I am upto, you can stalk me on Twitter and GitHub. I love hearing from new people. If you want to say hello, do use the contact form, or just shoot me an email.