23 Feb 2012

My JavaScript reading list

Of late, quite a few people have been asking me for good resources to learn JavaScript in a structured way. Over the past few years, I have amassed quite a few good links, so I decided to write a quick post highlighting some of them. I can just point people to this post in future!

The Good Parts

Of course, the first book that people usually recommend reading is Douglas Crockford’s JavaScript: The Good Parts. I also consider this book to be an essential read. It talks about how the language evolved to be what is right now, and how to avoid tripping over the bad parts of JavaScript.

Learning JavaScript Design Patterns

This online book talks about implementing the various design patterns in JavaScript, and when to use them. It also talks about jQuery related patterns.

JavaScript Patterns

Provides a overview of a large number of design patterns, and good JavaScript practices.

Understanding JavaScript OOP

A pretty comprehensive guide on using object literals, prototypes, and prototypal inheritance.

JavaScript Prototypal Inheritance

A thorough and rigorous drilling into prototypal inheritance, classical inheritance patterns, and use of privileged methods and properties.

How Prototypal Inheritance really works

More explanation on prototypal inheritance.

Private, Privileged, Public And Static Members

Talks about encapsulating logic into private, privileged and public methods in JavaScript.

Understanding this

Well, this is almost always a source of confusion and frustration for newcomers to JavaScript. This post clearly explains how exactly this works.

A fresh look at JavaScript Mixins

A clever way to use mixins in JavaScript using this. Also talks about other conventional approaches of achieving mixins.

Optional parameters in Javascript

JavaScript does not directly support optional parameters. This article discusses on ways to mimic it.

Hidden Features of JavaScript

A bag of assorted tips, tricks and hacks. There is a whole series of such posts on StackOverflow on other languages as well.

One-Line JavaScript Memoization

Explores strategies for implementing memoization in JavaScript.

Google JavaScript Style Guide

These are just Google’s recommendations. Mix and match them with your own personal styles.

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