19 Nov 2011

Little things that we can do

In Chennai, the autorickshaw drivers don’t use the fare meter. They generally ask you for an exorbitant flat fee which will be nearly twice the actual cost. The rickshaw drivers in Pune and Bangalore are much better. Except for the one or two who behave like they are in Chennai, the others usually respect and use the fare meter automatically.

Whenever I am in Pune or Bangalore, I make it a point to not board a rickshaw if the driver demands a flat fee. Even if that flat fee were to be what I would have paid anyway had I used the fare meter. Some might see this as needless hassling, given that most of us are perennially short of time. The point here is not about money, or time. It’s about doing the right thing. An extra ten rupees might not mean much to me, but it cultivates an undesirable attitude. Such little compromises quickly tend to add up. Sometimes, changing the world or making a difference need not necessarily come down to grand acts of valor. There are many little things that we can do, even if they are at the expense of our own convenience that can make a difference. Or, atleast preserve the status quo.

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