10 Nov 2011

We read too much, but digest too little

Every morning I wake up to a barrage of new things to read. Between Hacker News, Twitter and Google Reader, I would have atleast 10-20 fresh interesting stuff to read. This number obviously does not include blogs that I follow outside Google Reader, newsletters, and random link hopping that invariably happens while reading all of them. Given that most of our online reading these days is fast food journalism, it’s very easy to end up obsessively reading everything that’s thrown our way, without digesting, or worse, acting upon any of them. I have been taking some efforts to reduce this obsession.

Instead of trying to immediately read blog posts as and when I come across them, I just buffer the interesting ones for reading. The use of browser tabs or read it later helps. This allows me to read them slowly as and when I get time throughout the day. If I come across something that I think I will need to refer to later, I bookmark it. People read for various reasons. If you belong to the kind who reads to learn, then spending atleast 10-15 minutes everyday to think about how stuff that you have read that day could be applied to your work, or to your lifestyle greatly increases the value you get out of reading.

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