27 Oct 2011

A reason to write

Today, when faced with a nagging error which I could not fix, I stumbled upon a blog post by someone who had faced the same issue, and who, after much time and energy had managed to identify and fix the issue causing it. Later on, I realized that although the same solution could be found hidden inside another StackOverflow question, I somehow was not able to Google my way to it using the keywords I was using.

I have always refrained from writing on this blog because I never quite figured out what I should be writing here. And, besides, who reads it anyway right? However, I have now decided that if not for anything else, I want to post here frequently just to share issues and problems I encounter at work, or life in general. And, hopefully, over time, this blog will find its own voice and personality, which (I feel) has always been lacking, despite it being around since 2006.

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