23 Oct 2011

The first timer

Yesterday, I was sitting in a budget flight, feeling squashed like a sardine in a can. The departure of the flight was getting delayed. Across me sat this inquisitive eight year old boy. He was getting fidgety, badgering his dad non-stop to make the flight start. Next to me sat a man who was, despite the mid afternoon heat, dressed in an impeccable suit and tie. He had already settled down and had closed his eyes. Probably a frequent sardine, I thought to myself. The flight begins taxying towards the runway for take-off. The eight year old, sitting perched against the window gets excited as the flight picks up speed. He cranes his neck forward as the flight takes off, excitedly pointing at all the buildings on the ground. His dad, much like the gentleman sitting next to me was trying his best to drift into sleep.

I looked out of my own window, and realized how mundane even something which is initially as exciting as flying could get if one began doing it frequently. I suppose the same goes for everything else in life, including work. It’s very easy to lose enthusiasm for the very things which once challenged us and captured our imagination. With experience, often comes cynism, objectivity, and a level of comfort which sometimes stops us from experimenting with new things.

Seeing that boy reminded me of the importance of stepping back once in a while, and just allowing yourself to get excited by the things that you once spent hours doing with no specific goal or purpose.

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