15 Mar 2011

A look through my Delicious bookmarks

I have been using Delicious for about 6 years now, and over the past six years, I have amassed quite a lot of links. It has long become my go-to place for bookmarking and cataloging what I read online. Following all the ruckus over the future of Delicious, I exported my bookmarks last month and subsequently forgot all about it.

Today I happened to stumble on them again, and I started going through them. They make an interesting read because they represent how I progressed from learning one thing to another over the last six years. Almost every bookmark told a story, and it’s fascinating to now look back and see how it all panned out in the end. I realized how things I happened to accidentally stumble upon or learn came in handy some time later. They also reminded me to never stop learning new things. After all, that can help you live forever.

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