15 Mar 2009

Static footers

It has become some kind of standard practice to have the phrase “Copyright ” at the bottom of our blogs and websites, regardless of what it actually means to us or to our users. Rippers and thieves know very well what copyright infringement is, so copyright statements are neither a warning nor a deterrent in most cases.

Forgetting all of that for a moment, what is still surprising is to see so many sites (including some well-known ones), having an outdated date on their footers. You can see this especially around the turn of the new year. I have seen this in a few WP templates as well.

Ok, just a gentle reminder. Don’t embed the copyright year using plain html text. Use your server side scripting language to generate them.

If you are using a WordPress theme with a hardcoded year, using PHP, you can easily make it dynamic this way:

echo "Copyright " . date('Y');

Simple, but effective. Now, that’s one way to keep your old, unmaintained websites up-to-date!

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