19 Jan 2009

YES, WE CAN – Obama Letterpress Posters

There are times when you get so inspired by someone, or something that you end up doing stuff you never imagined you would actually love doing.

In my case, it was both a someone (Barack Obama) and something (Cameron Moll’s beautiful letterpress posters) which inspired me to create these.

These 14” by 20” posters are a product of hours of (fun) labour, letterpressed using one of the very few platen letterpress machines still left in Chennai. I was intent on printing this on letterpress and after days of literally hunting down press after press in some of the most dingiest streets of Chennai, I am glad I finally found one and got it printed.

I would be making a more detailed post on the backstory and the process behind the making of this poster soon. If you fancy it, do grab a copy!


I have also posted this item on eBay, if that’s your kind of thing (and I know it’s kinda difficult sometimes purchasing things randomly on the web). The price is 5 dollars more, due to the extra charges that eBay imposes.

Added a photo of the (zinc) metal block which is used in the letterpress printing process.

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