8 Dec 2008

Migrating from Textpattern to WordPress

So, I finally switched to WordPress. This has been on my mind for a long time. Yet, I have always delayed this decision, mostly because I liked the way Textpattern handled publishing elegantly and intuitively. I particularly like the way Txp used tags instead of raw PHP for template-ing. And there was also Textile, which simplifies writing so much, without having to manually type out html tags for links, images etc. At one point some two years back, Txp was looking highly promising. It was free and the community was friendly and helpful.

However, things have since been moving too slowly. I started missing features such as tagging, auto save and good spam control, all of which WordPress had, and more. With Textile being available on WordPress also as a plugin, I decided to make the switch.

Transition was fairly smooth. It could have been bad, but my only basic requirement was that my old posts and comments were imported. This was handled pretty well by the WordPress import option. Typically, it’s the change in URLs that pose most problems when switching to WordPress. For me, that wasn’t really an issue as I hardly have any inbound links to specific posts.

So, here I am. In WordPress. Of course, this doesn’t mean I am going to stop using Txp. It’s very handy as a CMS, but sadly, it doesn’t quite work for me. Not anymore.

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