17 May 2008

Who said pop-ups were gone?

What we have now seems to be even more annoying – Flash-ups. And they get on my nerves. Take a look at this screencap. This is taken from the website of a leading telecom provider in Singapore.

M1 screenshot

The area circled is usually the region that a typical user would “hover around” before settling on the links to click on them. Now, the issue here is that when you mouse over the area right above the link (past the while line), you end up with a flash pop-up that covers half your screen. And the close button for it is located in the bottom right hand corner, almost perfectly camouflaged aginst the orange background.

M1 - Screenshot 2

This kind of strangling flash pop-ups are somewhat tolerable for a website whose business model thrives solely on online advertising. After all, no advertising probably means no website. However such a practice on a commercial website is highly questionable.

You deserve better!

Yeah right, I do.

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