29 May 2007

Sometimes somethings

Don’t bloody happen.

My college is a sweet 35 KM away from home, and while the college bus does fetch me to and fro from college well, on days when we have classes off and I want to go home early, I will have to resort to taking the public transport buses. There is this bus 119, which stops right outside my college and goes directly to my house.

And after an year of college (during which I would have gone home early atleast 40 times), I am yet to catch that bus home. I will go and stand in the bus stop, and either that bus will never come, or it will not stop (has happened thrice). And yet, other people yet to catch the same bus home. I can’t. After one whole year. Ludicrous but true.

And today, I had to find my way to this book bank where I have gone quite a few times before. But today, the road I am supposed to take leading to the place was suddenly (for me that is) made one way. The traffic was diverted to a parallel road. That’s it. I was instinctively lost. After some twenty minutes of circling I sort of gained some sense of direction and went towards this little side road which I usually used for exit. And no, the road was blocked. The sun went down. It became dark. The traffic grew. And I was stuck. Another circle and I found the road leading out of the road where the book bank was situated. But then this road has always been a one way, and there was this police guy standing right at the entrance. I decided to try another time, but took a wrong turn that put me on a road with a U turn 4 kilometers away.

I did not want to give up, I went half way back home, took U turn and went near that place and tried to call my friend. Shortly the phone died. An hour and a half later, I was no closer to the book bank than is India in beating Australia. I gave up, turned back and returned home. I will try again tomorrow. Let’s see how this one goes. I so badly wanted to go today but man proposes, -god disposes- road disposes.

Sometimes, somethings just don’t happen.

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