28 Apr 2007

Undisputed Champions

So after weeks of drama (both on field and off field), the cricket world cup has come to an end. The Australians are the undisputed champions. First, it was Pakistan in ‘99. Then India in 2003. This time, it was Sri Lanka’s turn to get whipped. Big time.

However, I see no reason why so many people are hating Australia. If there was any team who deserved the cup more (even in the previous two editions) it was them. Instead of trying to be jealous of them, and being whiners, I guess it would help if the other countries started using their cricket system as a role model for success.

Going by the past pattern, is it going to be Australia vs Bangladesh for the next final?

And, I suppose this snippet from Cricinfo text commentary pretty much summarized what the Australian batting was all about yesterday.

That’s the end of the Powerplay. Sri Lanka can send fielders to Galle and Colombo now. I mean, to the boundary line.

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