12 Apr 2007

When your learning is useless

I have always wanted to pursue computer science.

I knew I liked the subject, and could even say I had a certain flair for the subject. Back in school, the computer science engineering course had such a glamorous look to it. I was under the impression I no longer had to stop learning mundane crap totally unrelated to what I wanted to do in life.

I have cribbed about this before, but so far, the course has been nothing but a big disappointment. Atleast so far anyway. I still learn Chemistry (_Engineering_ Chemistry that is) and English!!

Yet, I believe I have now changed my mindset towards learning nonsense. These days I am just going through the routine. Get what needs to be done done. What needs to be mugged mugged.

I realise that in life there are always going to times when you wish you were doing something else, and so I have taken this futile mugging and vomitting work as a training for working on stuff that I don’t like, which I think will be a critical factor in the working world.

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