18 Mar 2007

Full stop to footboarding

We are getting new public buses in Chennai with hydraulic automated doors. While such buses are in use in most countries abroad for some decades now, for Chennai, this is really new.

During peak hours, it is not uncommon to see overcrowded buses with passengers standing precariously on the footboard, and the whole bus leaning heavily towards one side. It’s a miracle that they don’t over turn!

Now that these automated door closing buses are here, I am wondering whether these buses would actually survive the onslaught of the crowd! Though one might think this might end footboard hanging, quite a few people who travel on the buses are uneducated, and their behavior is not exactly civilized either. I just that hope two months from now, the doors don’t get stolen or broken by the mob. Or maybe the drivers would just stop using the automated doors and just leave the doorway empty like a normal bus.

Full stop to footboarding? We will have to wait and see I guess.

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