12 Nov 2006

TQ Live 2006 – Day THREE

I can’t believe I am crawling over the recap of the five days, but I must persevere and finish this off. So here we go:

To me, this was the THE DAY. The day of the award presentation ceremony. But that will be late in the night.

First activity of the day was my leadership workshop. What we did was totally cool. Some great folks from ideo came over to conduct this workshop.

We learnt how to brainstorm for ideas and how to go about solving an existing problem in an innovative way. We were split into three groups, and each were assigned an imaginary problem. Ours was to help a poor boy in a little village communicate better with others.

During the brainstorming session, we were kindly asked to abandon all logic and come up with truly creative ideas, not worrying if they were technologically feasible or not. The result was, things like: Use the clouds as a mega screen to put up messages, such that it is visible from any part of the village.

Yes, I know that sounds childish and irrational, but I learnt that this is the approach to get creative solutions. Let your mind be free when thinking of ideas. The feasibility issues can be handled later. Using scrap materials, and building blocks, we put some of our ideas into prototypes. It was an absorbing session.

After lunch, we had the ThinkQuest Showcase, where we showcased our winning website to other teams. And likewise, we also went to their booths to find out more about their websites. The initial plan was for me to present for all of them (the people arrive in groups)... but soon my mouth was dry, and so the others did a great job with presenting the site.

We had some free time before our Award Ceremony, so my mom and I quickly went out to have a bite, as last year, I did not find much vegetarian food to eat!

I came back, dressed up in a black suit and I was ready for the award ceremony. We were taken to the San Francisco Design Centre for the ceremony.

It was a splendid atmosphere. I had the opportunity to have more interaction with the Oracle staff. And in addition, folks from DHL and Adobe were also there. Great interaction.

We were all very happy, that months of hard work has finally paid off. Here is must add that without such a wonderful bunch of team members, this never would have been possible. As a team leader, my job was made much easier.

So after lot’s of appreciation and photographs (oh yes, I must upload photos…), I returned to the hotel room. I expected to get the technology prizes (laptop and digital camera) during the ceremony itself, but the staff told us that we will be getting on the farewell dinner (the next day).

End of a splendid evening.

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