7 Nov 2006

TQ Live 2006 – Day TWO

Day Two, started off with breakfast (duh). There were so many strawberries!

Well ok, I had this interesting conversation with one of the staff, where he was recounting how he found the British (in the two years he was in Britain) less friendly when compared to Americans. (Note: This is his experience.) He was saying that he used to go walking in the morning with his dog, and used to stop by this bar for a drink. He said it was almost six months before anyone said anything more than a customary greeting. He contrasted that with America, where he said people are generally more friendly and probably will get to know all about you in a month or so. Yet, he thought the British, once they know you well, are really friendly. “When they invite you over for a barbeque or something, they would seriously mean it.”

After breakfast, I made my way for leadership workshop. It was an interesting session. We discussed various facets and aspects of the leadership. We wrote down out strengths, and shortcomings as leaders.

After that, we had Young Professionals Luncheon, where we got to interact with some invited guests from Google, Oracle, Apple, and EA Sports. They basically talked about their job, and college days and what it takes to succeed in the professionl arena. All of them agreed on one thing: Grades are just numbers. They advised us to do much more than just studying. It was just a great session. I felt good.

After the lucheon, my mom and I went out and visited some of the shops around the hotel. Being downtown, things were a tad bit expensive, but there were lots of shops. We had a lunch/dinner at a North Indian restaurant (home food, finally).

The highlight of the day was at the night. We were taken to the “Cow Palace” to see an Elton John concert! I expected to be sitting in the crowd and noise… but as it tuned out we were assigned a windowed gallery with comfortable seating to view the concert. There was more food, drink and ice cream!

There were also this magician who went front table to table to perfom illusions (I saw my signed card appear from somewhere in the middle of the deck to the top). Then there was this clown, who went about blowing baloons and amusing the children and adults alike.

The concert itself was great, and by the time it ended and we returned to the hotel, it was already 12.00 AM.

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