5 Oct 2006

The unprofessional

I have always hated seeing how roughly the cargo luggages get handled at the airport. The workers just throw them around without any regard to their contents.

As such, one could not have expected our television set to reach safely to Chennai from Singapore. Indeed it did not. Either that. or the sudden heavy voltage fluctuations bummed the internal components.

Whatever the case, when the TV was switched on, it did not work. No display. Blank. So we naturally called this TV repair shop and called for their assistance. (In Singapore, they would have given us the brilliant idea of throwing the set out and buying a new one. )

Anyway, a guy from the shop turned up to check the set. And, boy was he unprofessional! All the time he was around, he was constantly talking with friends. Yes, not with just one person. He kept receiving phone calls, and he duly answered them, thereby opening and examining the TV set one handedly. Yes, that sounds impressive, but I was so afraid he was going to drop the 29 inch monster.

He did not seem to mind the fact he was currently on-duty on a client’s place. He did not care for the fact that ultimately, he is a representative of his shop. When we wanted his business card, he did not have one.

It’s ok if you are not good. Atleast act as if you are. Can’t be too hard right?

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