19 Sep 2006

It feels good to be busy

Needless to say that updates have been rather low here, if not non existent. That’s not because I have been mugging my brains out in the college. And definitely not because I have become devoid of opinions of late.

I have been involved in a rather interesting side project, that has been taking up most of my free time. More details if and when it’s ready to be shown.

Yet, I can’t deny the fact that it feels so good to be busy after 10 months of boredom. Work indeed frees the mind from evil and malice.

When I don’t feel like writing here, I won’t write. I write what I like and not what I owe. Therefore, when I cannot find the time to rattle up something, I am just going to wait until I get the free time to do so.

I don’t like cramping. I don’t like multi-tasking.

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