31 Aug 2006

Culture change

You address a teacher as Sir or Madam.
And not Mr. Name or Ms. Name.

When you answer, stand up.
Don’t sit down and shout it out.

Use your mouth to fill the pipette.
What is a “pipette filler” anyway?

A ruler is called a scale.
And not a ruler.

Mobile phones are Cellphones.
Not handphones.

You Xerox a document.
No one understands what is meant by photocopying.

You write on long size, unruled notebooks.
Forget foolscap papers and files.

When you do write on a notebook, leave the first page blank.
For what reason, I cannot yet fathom.
The index page comes after the blank page by the way.

And finally no Lahs or Siahs please.
They embarass you more than anything else.

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