21 Aug 2006

70 KM Man

Today the college began with the first of what would be more than 1000 journeys (by the time I graduate), along the 35 KM route from my house.

I was talking with a friend, and he could not quite understand what was so worrying or troublesome about 70 KM of journeying every day. Yet, he see the world from a so called developed country. The kind of countries, where you get killed if you travel less than 80 KM per hour. If you can travel at such speed, why does one need to bother about a miserly 35 KM distance?

But alas, I wish the roads were so wide and even. And I wish the roads had less traffic. Neither is true. And so, what might have been a straight forward short journey turns into an arduous, back breaking one.

Yet, I am optimistic. The road is currently being widened to pave way for a six lane highway. So, maybe a year’s of construction work might make the travel more enjoyable.

But until then, it’s back to the narrow, Martian roads.

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