17 Aug 2006

One, two, buckle my shoe

It’s back to college for me from Monday, August 21st. After more than eight months at home.

Eight fruitful months in many ways. Though I did feel bored and felt as if I was wasting my time at times, generally, on looking back, I thought I had learnt many things.

For once, I had the chance to pursue knowledge just for the sake of it. Without any expectations of getting better marks or making money out of it in the future.

But coming Monday, things will stand different. It will still be knowledge that I will be seeking. But the rules of the game would have changed.

I have always hated that first-day-at-new-school feeling… This time it is no different. It is going to be downright awkward for the first few weeks, until I get used to the college atmosphere. It is not just a change of environment. For me, it is a change of country. A change of culture. And a change of educational philosophy.

Here is hoping that the transition is smooth. After all, I have undergone the reverse some nine years ago.

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