5 Aug 2006

Freeing a jammed CD drive

A few years ago, when a CD drive got jammed and refused to open, I saw a computer technician use a paper clip to free it.

Paper clip

Today, I had the use for this nifty trick. If any of you ever had a stuck CD drive staring at you, don’t panic. In most cases it is actually quite easy to free it. This is how it is done:

Find a paper clip and straighten it out partially (just one of the legs). The result would be a long piece of wire with a small handle at the end. Now, find the little hole (usually) underneath the CD drive and slowly push the paper clip rod inside. The door should free itself and open.

In most cases, this is enough to free the door. If it does not, then don’t be brutal and try to force the paper rod harder!

All those self professed geeks out there, I know you might already know this and more. But I hope this might be of some use to the casual users.

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