5 Aug 2006

Bandwidth browsing

One disturbing trend I have seen throughout the web is the increasing number of websites using a heavy dosage of images and graphics.

Disturbing because, such websites take years to finish loading in a dialup Internet connection.

Disturbing because, there are many users who have broadband Internet plans that are based on the bandwidth consumed. So a typical plan might be that you pay a fixed X bucks for a Y amount of bandwidth. Bandwidth is nothing but a measure of the total amount of data transferred. So, every time you visit these graphically intensive sites, your bandwidth usage increases more than it does when visiting a simple text-only web page.

When a user crosses his bandwidth limit, he is charged at a expensive per MB transfer rate.

Now, the curious thing is that although on the outset, this might seem trivial, to a heavy Internet user, this restriction poses a lot of problems. I myself is under such a plan. And I can tell you, it has quite changed my browsing habits. You tend to start thinking twice before you do anything, especially so during the end of the month.

To help matters a bit, my Internet servive provider offered a plan that offered unlimited bandwidth from 9PM to 8AM. So now, all those bandwidth heavy websites are now confined to that time slot.

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