25 Jun 2006

Reputation helps

Would you dare to point out a mistake to a person who you believe knows more than you? And to add spice to the situation, what if the last time you tried to do something along that line you ended up making a fool of yourself?

Well, reputation helps.

As I continue to watch the World Cup matches, the same conclusion can be reached there too. People who seem woefully out of form cough Henry cough are playing just based on reputation alone.

Another case of this in action is within the design community. Artistic crap churned out by well known people get out-of-the world reviews, when the same standard of work is presented by someone else, the work is deemed as an insult to all designers past, present and future.

To the Mac cult, everything about Mac is cool. Even if it occasionally crashes or misbehaves, the blame is swiftly put on the PC next door.

There are countless other instances when the human nature looks to the WHO part rather than the WHAT part before deciding on a course of action.

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