17 Jun 2006


I read quite a bit. The result is I come across many good phrases, witty one liners, inspirational quotations, and brilliant pieces of writings.

I wanted to store and organise them neatly such that in the future if I wanted to retrieve them, I can easily do so. I looked for some kind of application that would help me do that. I could not find anyhing decent. Of course, I could have chosen to dump them in a standard blog, but I wanted something more concise and tailor made.

So I just hacked up my own version of such an application in PHP. Codenamed Phrazed, it is a very simple web-based tool that keeps your favourite quotes and lyrics closer to you heart.

Those of you who have your own hosting account with PHP/MySQL you can download it and try it out. It has been put up on Sourceforge as an opensource project.

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