8 Jun 2006


Woah four days since last update. Strange. I feel so devoid of thoughts and opinions. Well that might be probably because I have been rather busy lately and working on a few things.

Anyway, finally managed to find a decent RSS reader for Windows. FeedReader is snappy, free, serves the purpose, and has decent looks too. So that means I no longer need to hop from blog to blog or switch between multiple windows. All the news, articles and gossips would now sit in one place for me to gobble up. Neat.

Time to get organised. I am trying to manally sieve through my three different email contacts lists and come up with ONE to rule them all. And Hotmail has no inbuilt facility for me to export my contacts list. See what competition can do to people. Well, if they are going to think that providing a export function is going to make it easy for people to ciao, well then I have not got much to add.

Bookmarks. Time to give del.icio.us a try. Knowing computers too well, it’s only a matter of time before the disk or the operating system crashes to destroy all my precious browser bookmarks. So time to prepare for the pending doom.

Silence broken.

Quote of the post:

Upgrade your gray matter, ‘cause one day it may matter. – Deltron 3030

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