29 May 2006

Road science

Today, as I was bumping along on a road, I realised something. Everytime it rains, the roads become terrible.

In fact, I have been very afraid recently that the Martians would accidentally land here after getting fooled by the look of the roads.

Well anyway, as I was saying, there is a hidden side to why the roads seem to hate rain. Actually it is the soil underneath the roads, that is the culprit here.

It seems that the tar and gravel mixture is laid directly on top of the soil. So when it rains heavily, the soil gets soft, eroding away, and therefore tearing the roads apart. Somehow, apparently people have not figured this out… because I cannot fathom why they have not yet found a work around to this. Surely the use of cement (like in the highways) would increase the road expectancy? Yes, it might be more expensive to implement, but compared to the cost of patching up and relaying the roads every few months, this new method would be more cost effective in the long run? Questions.

Whatever the case, one more reason not to spit on the roads. Who knows? The saliva might just create a hole and suck you in.

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