19 May 2006

Bully on the road

Bajaj Pulsar

This 150cc moron called Pulsar is an hazard to itself and to others around it. It’s an accident waiting to happen. A nuisance worth banishing from roads of India. Idolised equally by nerds and hip-hop wannabes, the success of this bike has spurred numerous other similar killer models. Seriously, I cannot stress enough how much contempt I have for this bike. And it is not a case of jealousy. The bike has amazing pick-up and blazes away at high speed, the very reasons for its abuse. This kind of extreme engineering is far more suited for the highways than the narrow, crooked, pot-hole filled roads which are pervasive throughout India. Yes, yes I know that 150cc is nothing compared to the super bikes that are typically around 800-1000 cc but when you look at how much of a impact this one bike has made, you will understand why I hate this vehicle.

Before Pulsar came along, most bikes here were seen as utility vehicles. They were just 100 – 125 cc and had far less power, pick-up or styling. Pulsar changed everything. A slew of motorbike models have since followed and most of them focus on speed, stunts and rash driving while advertising. Typically, the youth of India have been targeted, and naturally they are the victims too. I personally know atleast three people who have died riding these bikes. Of course, it is quite baseless to attribute the cause of those accidents to the Pulsar or it’s copy cats, but anyone hitting disc brakes on uneven, soiled roads or turning narrow corners at high speed is highly prone to accidents. It’s not that these bikes cause accidents. They give too much power, and it’s abuse which leads to the accidents.

Quote of the post:

Speed thrills. But kills.

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