16 May 2006

Couch potatoes

When you are staring at an eight month break from normality, i.e. studies, what possibly can you do to avoid becoming a couch potato?

Like everything else in life, too much free time also has its own set of pitfalls. Last week I had a conversation with three friends, and all of them shared with me how wasteful the feeling of sitting idle at home is.

And the funny thing is after a few months of sloth, you somehow get addicted to it. You would hate feeling so bored and useless, but you would be too lazy to fight against the syndrome. The Acquired Immune Sloth Syndrome (AISS).

On a related note, when you are referring to the help that the rich nations (sometimes) render to the poor ones, it is aid and not aids! My GP teacher used to complain endlessly about how he had to mark scripts in which students wrote sentences like: “The developed countries are also generous in rendering aids to the developing nations.” Tragic comedy.

I come across so many good quotes these days, I think “Quote of the post” would be a regularity from now.

Quote of the post:

A lifetime of happiness! No man alive could bear it: it would be hell on earth. – George Bernard Shaw.

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