12 May 2006

A revolution

As I was walking on the street I happened to notice a very old man. He was on the pavement gathering old newspapers, aluminium cans, plastic wrappers and other assorted ‘rubbish’ that can be sold away. Perhaps that was his (only) income.

Perhaps not. The shrill ringing of his mobile phone (or cellphone as some say) pierced my train of thought, and I became aware of the reality.

He has a mobile phone. Well, so much so for the shabby appearance and the perceived impoverishment. But then again, there is a mobile phone revolution happening here. Pre-paid plans are the order of the day, and even those on the threshold of poverty are able to enjoy the benefits of improved connectivity.

New and innovative mobile phone plans are being churned out by the various companies that target various sectors of the (large) community of users.

And of course together with such proliferation comes its own set of problems. Various cases of misuse have been reported, especially amongst students. This has resulted in mobile phone getting banned(!) in some universities.

What? Think such a rule is impossible to implement amongst young adults?? Think it is childish and foolish? Too bad. It is in full force in some colleges, and whose violation may even cost you a suspension.

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