28 Apr 2006

Caught in the middle

I just realised something. When you use the Internet as much as me (ahem), after a while you are full of western ideas. You sort of fall out of reality (which can be wonderful or woeful, depending on the way you look at it).

That’s natural because, much more people use and contribute to the Internet in the western countries than in Asia and elsewhere.

I am not complaining.

I have learnt so much about Information Technology (and particularly about the web) using just Google, because of all these nice people out there.

As I tell my close friends, I love the web. I like what I do, and naturally I want to work in it in the future. I believe I already have a basic foundation. I also know there are companies out there who want people to work in some of the technologies that I want to work in.

But enter the real world (in other words, India). As much as there are so many such cool companies out there as I said earlier, as far as I know there are only a handful of such companies in India itself.

This shows only one thing: lack of talent. This in essence means that the universities here do not focus on these emerging and exciting technologies. What ever that is popular in the west typically arrives five years late, and would stay around forever.

And not many students take the initiative to learn about such interesting stuff outside their world of academia.

I can hardly blame them. If you belong to the middle class (like me), then you don’t really have a choice. Luck favors the brave, but risk taking is not an easy option for many middle class students here.

When companies come down for college campus interviews, the only thing that you are expected to look at is the salary. Forget about company profile, job satisfaction and work environment. When you are in dire need of money (and not really assured of a job with thousands of people competing with you), you can’t care less if your company has a bad work atmosphere, or a rotten image. So long they pay you well, you are expected to take up the offer they throw at you.

I have a dream. And other than myself and the Internet, I do not have anyone to teach me what I want to know (as I see it now). I hated JC because it did not teach me anything that I wanted to learn. Except maybe for Computing lessons, but that was only because my computing teacher introduced us to many stuff outside the syllabus.

When I enter the university, I have a choice to make. And it is scary. Every crisis is an opportunity. Let’s see where I am 5 years from now.

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