27 Apr 2006


When records are broken, they should be broken for the right reasons; unlike in Chennai, where the highest temperature in the past 35 years was recorded yesterday – 42 degree Celsius.

And yours truly was caught outside in the sun for a couple of hours around noon. Terrible.

Right from the morning, I was thinking something was very wrong, because I was sweating perspiring (just for the records, only animals sweat, humans perspire) non-stop and the car’s aircon suddenly seemed to be out of order – the air from full blast air-con was like air gushing out from a fan.

Now I know why when the whole of South Asia was getting affected by SARS, India was left untouched… In this heat, even humans struggle, what chance does the SARS virus has?

To sum a day of ironies, the weather station reported that the reason for this really extreme temperature is a cyclone formed somewhere out in the Indian Ocean. Since when cyclones and storms brought about heat, rather than rain?

Quote of the day:

When shit becomes valuable, the poor will be born without asses. – Henry Miller.

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