20 Apr 2006

Lost faces

I stumbled upon a photo from the past. A photo, that I did not even know it existed. It was a class photo from my third standard, taken around 10 years ago in India.

Oh, the memories it brought back, despite it being my only and final year in that class (I switched schools after that). There were 37 students in my class (apart from myself), and upon looking at the photo, I could recollect the names of only 14 of them. And some of the other faces seemed quite familiar to me, though I did not remember the names of their owners.

Sadly, I don’t have any idea of where any of them are today. I wish there was computers and Internet then (as a matter of fact, there was, but not to plebeians).

People harp so much about how technology enslaves people, and makes them anti-social and difficult to communicate with. As for any other medium, the root cause of our problems is ourselves, and not the medium itself. Technology has not broken down communications. It has vastly redefined it, so much so that we cannot comprehend the relative ease of communication. It takes events like the above to make you marvel at where we are today.

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