16 Apr 2006


At one point, I was really excited to get a Yahoo! email address. The reason? Well, I had a dial-up Internet connection and the Hotmail took longer (read as forever) to load. I asked my father to sign me up for a Yahoo! account, but I could not answer his question of why I needed it, when I was hardly receiving any emails anyway.

The result was, I had to sign up one on my own. I did eveything perfectly until I hit a snag. I wanted the user ID kishorenc but it was not available. Yahoo! presented me with a buch of other options, and as I was dabbling with it, suddenly, somehow, I ended up with this message: “You have successfully created the new email address, nckishore [at] yahoo . co . uk” (The address looks funny? I am trying to avoid spam here).

At that point in time, that screen, to me, was synonimous with the BSOD. Firstly, it did not end with a .com, but instead with .co.uk, which not only made the address longer, but also confused people up (as a result, they would send their emails to nckishore@yahoo.com, and hence would not reach me). Secondly, what has got United Kingdom got to do with me, who was born in India, and (then) living in Singapore?

But years later, the .co.uk Yahoo! ID actually seems cool to me. More than one person, has asked me “So are you from the UK?”, and whether you believe it or not, when I send emails to certain anonymous people, I get better reponses. Is this some sub-concious thing of people who are tired of identifying spam with .com bound domains, and hence unkowingly showing favoritism to a more unique email address?

I may never know, but what I do know is that people are coming up with innovative URL names. How about this, and that? Cool URLs aren’t they? But I find it less natural and a little harder to type into the address bar. But hey, atleast they are creative and want to break away from the crowd!

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