14 Apr 2006


It is really interesting to look at the different kinds of nicknames that people have on MSN messenger. And the newer versions also support this personal message in addition to the primary nickname.

I was surprised to find out that I could actually identify most people on my contact list by just looking at his/her nickname/message (and the nick was quite generic and did not explicitly pin point to the person). That is probably because I do know most (90%) of the people on my contact list fairly well (unlike some people, who add everyone they happen to meet and thus end up reaching the maximum limit for contacts, and cursing Microsoft for that…).

Yet, people do have certain unique styles in which they handle their nicknames.

The boring ones just have their names and nothing, nothing, nothing else besides it.

Some others almost always have a name, followed by a message (I belong to this category).

And then there are those who have everything else, other than their names, up there. In one instance, I even asked a person why he does not use his name, and the curt reply was that he hated his name. Merci.

In addition to all the above, I can even classify the nick messages into some categories:

1. Personal: the nick messages mostly reflect the mood/state of the person. e.g. Can’t go on like this, Will it happen?

2. Philosphical: Ooh, all kinds of smart questions and sentences.

3. Dark: Unclassifiable messages go here. Some people seem to use lyrics from death metal songs, if you know what I mean. e.g. Pharoah of the Damned.

I don’t know how many more are out there, but my sample size is too small for me to go beyond that. Ciao.

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