6 Mar 2006

Thin, dark and what not?

Now that I have eaten enough in past two days for the next few months.. some random musings of what happened in the wedding.

You don’t know me. But I know you.

Under most circumstances, that can be taken as a tribute. After all, I do know Lance Armstrong, but he does not know me. That’s fine.

But things can get a little irritating when you do meet people whom you are supposed to know but don’t because of a certain exile in a small red dot. Atleast they were forgiving and attempted to enlighten me by explaining the family web that connected me with them.

// para deleted because I was cheated.

I can’t recognise you.

” Sorry, you have become so dark and thin. That’s why I could not recognise you. And what happened to your face? Do something about your pimples. ”

Thanks for your concerns. But I am happy that Ferrero Rocher chocolate is jealous of my complexion. Really. And, no those are not pimples. Those are the scares that are results of the numerous metorite impacts. Yes, very small metorites!

Why are you so thin?

Because I am not fat.


There used to be a time when marriages used to be a really horribly complex function to organise. But now, thanks to the advancement India is making in the IT field, the concept of outsourcing is spreading to other areas of life too.

Right from chairs, to food, to garland, to cleaning is outsourced. You just walk in, and when the function is over, walk out. Things will happen as and when it needs to.

Are you hungry? Want to eat?

Hmm… Good question.

Hello Mr. Future Engineer?

Hello to you too! And who is not a engineer these days?

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