27 Feb 2006


I received an email from a friend, asking me to join yet another social network (this time it is something called B*****x). Needless to say the email had the honor to land in my trash box (having around 1800 email messages in all my inboxes, that is indeed the greatest insult I can mete out to the message – send it to my trash).

Later when the friend came online in MSN, I asked what this B*****x thing all about. To my surprise, he was slightly irritated and he said that he really had no idea. He had received a similar message from someone else, and he had signed up out of courtesy. Then, without his permission, they just sent the promotional invitation to all his contacts… That’s really offensive. Luckily, I did not sign up. Atleast I know the madness would no longer spread from my end.

Immediately after that conversation, I received another email – from a person whose computer has been lately spewing forth virus contaminated messages regularly. I decided to take a peek in before deleting it. What I found was a deeply moving poem followed by a plea from a couple whose child is suffering from brain cancer. They said that AOL has agreed to help them and is paying them a certain amount of money for every person who receives the email. And supposedly, they can track the number of recepients receiving the email. Shrugs.

It ended off with a plea to forward the email to all friends. Oh well. I don’t know what to do. If it is a scam I certainly don’t want to send it. But if it is genuine, my Karma will take a lashing. Et tu email? Even email is posing a threat to my karma these days. Geez.

Since I have 4 email accounts, I guess I will forward the mail to them and delelte them later.

Problem solved. ;)

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