26 Feb 2006


My cousin’s marriage is next week, and people around me are getting ready for it. That’s when I realised I have missed so many of my other cousins’ (and nieces’) mariages during my eight year exile in Singapore. I tried to count, but coming from a large family, I eventually decided to round the figure up to around 12.

And that’s just the close ones. So that does not include the marriages of the sister of the brother of the unlcle of the aunt of the… well you get the idea.

But somehow this time, I don’t think the event is going to be as fun as it was when I was younger. Blame the colleges, packed curriculum and others… We all have grown up. I know that sounds obvious. But sometimes, I just wish I can turn back the clock and become young (and stay young).

My broadband plan’s promotion ends today… that means I have to be parsimonious with the amount of time I spend on the internet from now on. Previously, due to the promotion, I had about 5 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. From now on, its only going to be 1 gigabyte per month. What happens if I cross the limit, you ask? Well, for every additional megabyte of transfer, you pay a hefty price. If you don’t know what is a bandwidth: its the size of information you transfer when browsing the Internet.

So, darn. I have to see how this affects my browsing habits… And it would really help if certain sites cut down on the amount of useless graphics they shove on the users and as a result feasting on the bandwidth without prior warning. Many blogs that I visit are guilty of doing this… Especially the ones hosted on Blogger AND using skins made by external sources. Well, one of these days I will just block the images from these particular blogs. Unless it is a plog (photo blog), I don’t see the reasoning behind this. I read blogs for what’s written on it and not for their photos.

I am thinking of subscribing to a new plan that allows you to have unlimited bandwidth between 9 p.m to 8 a.m. with some additional payment. But I have not yet decided whether I want to become a nocturnal or not.

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