20 Feb 2006

Grumpy old man

What to do when you are confronted with a four hour waiting period in a room and you have no choice but to go through? No hand phone, no TV, no magazines, no air con.

Minutes no longer matter… and after a while you start stoning. You can’t even try to sleep because in the room you are waiting people are entering and leaving, with the seats around you constantly going through a empty-occupied-empty-occupied cycle.

Its pure hell and an achievement which I think is good enough to put on my portfolio:

In 2006, I sat in a crowded room with people scuttling in and out and managed to sit in the same place for 4 hours without any entertainment whatsoever and came out of it without too much damage to my little grey cells.

I am getting seriously uneasy these days. It really is not nice sitting and idling around when everyone around you is living a frantic, hectic life style. You start feeling really lousy.

I am just beginning to realise the immensity of my decision to have come back to India. I have so much re-building to do. I have well and truly moved out of my comfort zone.


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