10 Feb 2006

Singapore is part of malaya

Person: So are you studying now or what?

Kishore: Hmm.. yeah, I was in S’pore. Finished my 12th and currently waiting for my results.

Person: Ahh.. I see. So you are here for an holiday.

(comment: the above sentence was stated, not asked)

Kishore: Not really. I cancelled my PR and I am looking to join a university here.

Person: Oh really (*gasps*). Why?!

Kishore: ....

Person: It’s such a nice country. I mean you should have just stayed there… You should not have looked too much into the NS and stuff… Just two years right?

Kishore: Yeah.. but…

Person: (*shakes his head pitifully*) Anyway… you speak malaya.

(comment: again, a statement. Anyway, what the heck is malaya?)

Kishore: No, I took Tamil there. Its an official language.

Person: Ah… No. Malaya is the official language.

(comment: for your information, the “Person” has never been to S’pore before.)

Kishore: Actually, the majority of the people there are Chinese, and..

Person: No, Singapore is part of malaya. So malaya is the official language.

Why do I feel stupid? Shrugs.

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