31 Jan 2006

Sent to the gallows

Two weeks ago, a 76 year old death row inmate was executed in Missisipi. He was blind, suffered from diabetes and chronic heart disease and moved about in a wheelchair. He has been on the death row for 23 years. Where are we going as a civilisation? True, the convict committed some brutal murders, but to punish him for that at an age where he is not even self-dependent seems cruel and inhumane.

This just reminds me of a question I asked a few of my friends last year:

Let’s say at some point in your future, you are stuck in a vigorous cycle of poverty and extreme hunger. If the only way out of this indigence is to take up a job as a executioner, would you do it?

My answer was a resounding “No!”. I was just curious what others would say, and as I speculated, some said they would not mind being an executioner if such a circumstance were to arise. Such people, I guess, approach this issue from a pragmatic view point. I believe that there is no wrong or right answer to that question. It’s just a matter of who you are.

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