30 Jan 2006


Freakonomics has got to be the book that I have read over the longest period of time (six weeks). Yet, I think it is one of the better non-fiction books I have read of late.

When I was first saw the raving reviews that this book received, I was quite skeptical (the world is going mad kind of feeling). That was probably because this book (according to me) contained two of the most boring entities in the world: Economics and a nobel prize winner for economics.

Yet, oximoronically, I found the book thoroughly enjoyable (the world is mad), albeit a bit profound. Parts of it were dry, meticulous but mostly it was full of wits and showed a certain disregard for conventional wisdom.

And the best part is that the book does not have any specific unifying theme. Neither does it address or discuss any specific issue. It merely asks a number of interesting questions like “What do sumo wrestlers and school teachers have in common?” and really shatters our conceptions and beliefs about certain things in life.

It was the last book I bought in Singapore, and I guess it was really worth the time.

Can a roshanda by another name still smell as sweet?

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