29 Jan 2006

Multitasking to the max

Today, most operating systems are multi-tasking systems. In English that sentence translates into this: Today, operating system such as the world famous Windows can run multiple programs apparently at the same time. (For e.g you can serve the internet AND as well as use an instant messenger). This is considered quite a development because the earlier operating systems like DOS can only run one program at the same time.

What this has meant is that today not only the machines, but also the humans are multi-tasking. And how?

Yesterday I was talking to a friend in MSN, and suddenly I received this scathing remark: You cheater! I was taken by surprise, because it was more of an accusation than a remark and also the preceding conversation was the exact opposite, polite and friendly.

Just I was wondering how best to reply to this, another message popped up and it was: Sorry, typed that wrongly.

I was in a forgiving mood, so I let that pass. But it was not just a case of poor typing. It was a case of poor multi-tasking. I am pretty sure that that particular person had a few IM windows open and was probably in a few independent conversation with a few different people at the same time. And the result is, I got to know that one of them is a cheater! Voila.

I personally hate being in multiple conversations. Such conversations are slow, painful and rather mundane. And as you can guess I am not a big fan of muti-tasking too.

One of the most stupidest things I frequently saw people do in VJC was going into a lecture theatre and either sleeping or doing a tutorial of some other subject, without even bothering to vaguely listen.

For me that is triple imbecile. Apparently, some people have mastered the art of absorbing the sound waves… Or maybe the monotonous lecture somehow induces a deep slumber, something that even a reading room (yes, ironically its the reading room which is frequently used by students to catch a nap) or the library can’t do…

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