21 Jan 2006

Psycho tests

Some clever people have come up with various ways to “identify” your personality and the type of person you are. I am sure you would have taken one of these.

My email inbox today was cluttered with three emails messages, all three from friends asking me to try out this Color test from Tickle. I was naturally tempted, although it did sound like some conspiracy that three people have added me into Tickle’s invitation almost around the same time…

Nevertheless I gave it a try. And as I anticipated, I was confronted with a few questions that were.. err.. ambiguous to say the least. For e.g: Are you a thinker or a feeler? I thought (or maybe felt) anyone with enough brains would use both his thoughts and feelings? No?

And there were only 15 questions… so the margin for error was going to be huge. Anyway the test was eventually finished and it said that I was a red.

Of all the questions I have answered in the psychometric tests I have taken so far, the most ridiculous was something concerning food. They presented a few food items, and asked which I like the most. The only problem was that one or two of them were not veggie items… So what am I supposed to say?

In India, all food products come with a red or green circle, indicating whether the food item is veggie-safe or not (red for non-veg, green for veg). Perhaps it would not be a good idea to incorporate this idea into psychometric tests as well.

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