19 Jan 2006

New and improved

Yesterday as I was browsing, I came across this message:

Sorry, the page you have requested does not seem to exist.

I am sure I have come across something like that many times in the past, but something really struck me this time around. What do they mean by “does not seem”.

Either the page exists, or it does not. And that was not David Copperfield’s website or something, so illusion is ruled out. Maybe the people are trying to be courteous and not look as if they are slamming a door on the visitor’s face…

This just reminds me of the trite phrase being repeatedly used in the advertising world although they know perfectly well that it is rubbish: New and Improved!

Once again that makes no sense, as a new product did not exist before, so it could have been improved upon. If the product is an improvement to something else, then it definitely isn’t new.

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