16 Jan 2006

Random barrage of thoughts

Pongal came and went past in a blink. Went to my dad’s hometown situated some 50 km from Chennai. Many fond (and not-so-fond) memories of my childhood came flooding back. The holidays meant that most people were at home and I was kept occupied, unlike the previous time I went there.

Anyway, heard something funny on the television a few days ago… There was some Hindhi Cine awards event held last week and it really created quite a controversy. The award nominees for the “Best Amateur Director”, “Best comedy actor” and “Best support actor” refused their awards because they felt “misplaced”. The amateur director claimed that he had directed many film in other languages and thus he was humiliated by being labeled as an amateur. The comedy actor claimed that his character actually was quite a serious one and the support actor claimed that he played a very pivotal role and was not actually a support actor. Pride.

Been watching the India-Pak first test match. And I should say that the Pakistanis have killed the excitement by preparing a pitch that resembles a pancake more than a cricket wicket. The Indian bowlers were slaughtered to all parts of the ground for the first two days. The third day was “lost” owing to “bad light”. Again, the organisers are to be blamed. Just as Chennai only gets to host a cricket match in its rainy season (as a result the past three matches here have been cancelled), the Paks have hosted this match at Lahore. And the fourth day the favour was returned as India gave the Pak bowlers a feast of their own medcine. Spare a thought for the bowlers, some of whom run quite a bit to deliver a ball which just keeps disappearing over thier heads… Well, I for one, know how bad that feels.

I finally got to play some local cricket here and it just left me amazed at the purity in technique of the kids here. No wonder India produces such good batsmen (forget about the results, though). These kids played shots out of the book, as they say, though they do not have proper coach or equipment. They just watch and learn.

To top it all, here is a description of how you bat in cricket, that I read somewhere:

When short, slash; when full, drill; when pitched on a good length, slap; when flighted, loft; when short and wide, carve; when fast, biff; when slow, bash.

Haha, yes that sounds easy.

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