12 Jan 2006


Finally removed my braces today after two years of suffering. It was just pain, pain and pain throughout, till the end, with the braces..

When I turned up at the dentist’s place today, I hoped alteast removal will be an easy process… but once I again I was caught underestimating things. To spare you the sordid details, I am just glad that now it is all over, and in the process of removal, none of my precious teeth have fallen off.

While I was waiting outside for my turn, I was flipping through this magazine, and a few of the riddles on a page were really funny.

1. What is black and white and really difficult?

2. What happens to a plant when it is placed in a Maths classroom?

3. Which is faster, hot or cold?

4. A dog tied to a thick, 30m rope, managed to escape and run 300m. Why?

Ok the answers are:

1. Exam paper.
2. It grows square roots.
3. Hot, becuase you can catch cold (I admit it is lame).
4. Because the rope was not tied to anything…

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